About me

I have loved sewing ever since I was a small child.  I spent many hours during school holidays at my Dads Tailors shop, watching the 'sewing ladies' putting in pockets and getting the suits ready for a first fit-on.  Looking back, I really learned a lot from them!

Sewing and Art were my favourite subjects at school, so it was quite natural that I would choose something creative as my next move.

After leaving school at sixteen, I secured myself a place at 'Jacob Kramer college' (now known as 'Leeds Arts University') and completed a two year course in Fashion design and manufacture.  As part of the course, I was required to do two weeks work experience in the industry.  I was lucky enough to get a placement at a local bridal shop called 'Louella' which was in Rawdon.  I had a fantastic time there, and ended up being offered a part-time job, which I continued for numerous years, picking up many more tips and sewing skills along the way. 

At the same time as working at the bridal shop, I also worked part-time for a medical supply company in Guiseley called 'Anetic Aid'.  Here, I stitched items such as tourniquet cuffs, padded cot side covers for hospital beds, and a whole variety of surgical items that I never even knew existed until I went there!

Apart from taking a few breaks to bring up my three children, I finally settled working full time at my Dads tailors shop in Headingley, working alongside both of my parents.  

The Headingley shop finally closed in early 2019, and now my parents and I work together here at Guiseley.

Angela Walker

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